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Purchase your house with complete confidence

If you’ve seen the property of your dreams but you're unsure if work is needed, or how much that work might cost, then Property Checked can help. We carry out professional house buyers surveys in Sheffield and throughout the whole of mainland UK.


How can our House Buyers Survey help you?

Purchase a House with Confidence

We provide anyone who's looking to buy a house in Sheffield and throughout the whole of the UK with a full and comprehensive house buyers survey so that you can buy a house with complete confidence. So if you’ve seen the house of your dreams but you're unsure if it’s in sound condition or, if you know work is needed but want independent expert advice on how much the work will cost, then Property Checked of Sheffield can help.

Comprehensive & Reliable House Buyers Surveys

We have the up-to-date skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive and reliable house buyers surveys so that you're fully aware of what shape the house you're considering buying is in and how much things will cost to repair, replace or extend.

Jargon Busting House Buyers Surveys

We'll explain in layman’s terms any significant issues we find during our house buyers survey, so that you understand what to expect from your new house and avoid buying a house that leaves you with unexpected costs and worry.


Our house buyers survey reports aren't filled with jargon or confusion. They're simple, clear and concise and give you the full picture so that you can decide your next steps. We exist to cut out the uncertainty involved in buying a house and to make the house buying process easier and less stressful for you.

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State of the Art
Roofing Surveys
House Buyers Survey

All of our roofing surveys can be carried out by utilising the latest in drone technology giving a safer, more accurate picture of any work needed. We can pour over every detail of the roofing survey footage without having to return to the property. Studies suggest that roofing surveys carried out by drone are more accurate than roofing surveys carried out by conventional methods.

Sarah Johnson

Property Checked is 100% worth the money as we were close to purchasing a property with a huge subsidence issue. After we were told the likely costs to put this right the house was no longer within our budget. On the bright side, we had Property Checked come and look at another property we found and we currently live there now.

Steph Blunt

We found a house that we really liked but we suspected it had some issues, so because we weren’t sure as to the costs or extent of the work needed we had the house checked by Property Checked and they gave us a cost guide to renovate the house, which we then decided to buy. They were also able to point us in the right direction to get us great prices on the kitchen and bathroom.

Craig Osbourne

We had Property Checked out to check our dream property. They confirmed our thoughts on the property and pointed out some key issues. They were able to give us an estimated cost to put the issues right. We are very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend as we could buy our house without worry.

House Buyers Survey





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