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What is a House Buyers Survey?

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A House Buyers Survey is a property inspection or property survey to find, document and report on any current or potential problems in a property that could cause damage and need future repair or replacement.


During the home buyers survey our team of fully qualified and experienced surveyors will look for signs of damage, damp, water leaks, movement and the overall condition of each room including the quality of windows, doors and plumbing such as showers and drainage (where possible).


We will also conduct a visual roof inspection to pick up on any current or potential issues or for a small additional fee we have the facility to carry out a state of the art drone inspection, enabling us to study the roof condition in great detail as many times as we need, so please contact us for further details.

Our House Buyers Surveys are led by Property Checked lead inspector Charles Ellis. Charles is based in Sheffield and has over 20 years building and house buyers survey experience. Charles has managed numerous redevelopment projects throughout the whole of the UK, including full house refurbishments and extensions. He has also bought and sold a number of properties throughout his career, so he knows the building, the house-buying and the house-surveying process inside out.


Reliable, trustworthy and friendly, Charles, along with his experienced team of house surveyors, live and breathe the house surveying industry and can bring expertise and passion to any house purchase, project or development.

Charles and his team of skilled surveyors, provide a house buyers surveying service throughout the whole of the UK, so please get in touch for more information or to arrange a house buyers survey.

House Buyers Survey